Music Video: Victims Of Ikuri

In a nutshell

Band: Victims of Ikuri
Album: Valediction
Title: Misty Cowboy’s Revenge And The Last Breath Of The Notorious Butcher
(feat. Michael Monroe)
Date & Place: Tampere, Finland 2014-2015
Creators: Anastasia Kozina, Sindy Giraldo, Rolands Tiss



The album Valediction by Victims Of Ikuri is the final musical statement of the late Juho Koivuaho – a Finnish composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and a true visionary, leader of the Finnish underground post-rock Plain Fade. In the spring of 2008, when Koivuaho was only 26, he was diagnosed with an acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which recurred twice during the following five years. Valediction was recorded at Koivuaho’s home during his last weeks in palliative care.
This music video was created in memorium of Juho Koivuaho, and finally published in March 2015.


The idea

When brainstorming, we decided to not have any boundaries. We have decided to show Koivuaho’s inner fight through the projection on his band members, the people who are having the warmest memories of him. This way you’d see a person, and have a glimpse into an storm inside of them. Fighting an illness is dreadful, especially because it’s something that is a part of you, but acts against you. That’s why we have built a certain choreography through which we wanted to show the confronting, the hope to balance everything out, the pain, and in the very end, the point of being defeated.