Time Management App: timo.

In a nutshell

timo. is a student time management app developed as one of the UX/UI minor assignments during the Fall 2015. The concept was developed in a group of 3 other students, but this design is utterly my own vision.



As a student of TAMK (Finland), I find it quite irritating that in order to find the information related to the courses, we always have to use different platforms, which also require separate logins. These platforms are:
1. Intra
Intra is the platform where you can check the content of the courses, including list of responsible lecturers and possible course outcomes.
2. Winha
Students use Winha to enroll to new courses and to check how many ECTS credits they’ve earned so far.
3. Lukkari
Lukkari is a timetable system where you can see how courses overlap, which facility they take place in and what time they start and end.
Besides from that, the mobile version of the webpages aren’t very responsive, and may have bugs, too.




timo. is the app that integrates all the above-mentioned platforms into one app, bringing better experience to its users.
There are multiple ways to use the app, too. It can be mainly used as an agenda or planner. You as a user are allowed to create new events, view day plans, and simply
have a calendar at hand.
However, if you log in with your school account, multiple functions add up. Above mentioned platforms (Intra, Winha, Lukkari) get integrated to you app, allowing you to not only view and enroll to the courses without having a trouble of flipping through different platforms, but also experience a completely new agenda, where your timetable gets fixed on its own, combining both personal and study dates and times automatically.




Design approach

I tried to design the app so that it’s clear, modern-looking and easy to use. Once the app is opened, you see the day view with tasks linked to a colour tag. For people who better perceive information visually, there is a ring that shows how your day tasks overlap and follow each other. By opening calendar you get a month view; tapping days allows you to see what tasks they are keeping for you. A tab for creating new task/event can be reached easily from almost every window. For people who log in, the course library gets accessible. There you are able to flip through the courses and read their descriptions. You then are also allowed to bookmark courses you’re interested in taking. Enrolling to the courses is done by clicking one button – it hasn’t ever been easier.



Try it out!

This is a digital prototype. Try clicking on it to get to flip through the app!