Fazer Café: Chalk Mural & Pattern

In a nutshell

I was hired by Fazer Café (Stockmann, Tampere) to create a chalk mural on their new black board – they’ve just renovated the place and needed work done fast before opening the place for visitors again. Main request was to not play around with Fazer logotype. I started my research and realized that their food looks mouthwatering, so why not draw actual food that Fazer has to offer? Shortly after I’ve got my sketches ready. Those were rough sketches with retro looking thick shading strokes.


Drawing with chalk was a lot of fun, and even though it’s not the best material I had a chance to work with, I was happy with the result.



Digital pattern

When the work was done, I took my sketch and realized I can also create a digital pattern. This, however, wasn’t a project I was assigned to do, more that I was curios if anything good will come out of it. And so I created a piece that, when put together, would create a perfect pattern. The colours are kept as Fazer branding requires. The following examples can show how the pattern could be used in actual product design.

Please, note that corporate identity was originally created by Kokoro and Moi studio, and I used it in my designs purely to make project look complete.