Hello! I’m Anastasia Kozina.

Born in Russia in 1995, I moved to Tampere, Finland in 2013 in search for opportunities. Currently I study at the Media and Arts department of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Due to my early interest in Arts, I started to get interested in Visual Communication techniques, in particular in Graphic Design. Moving to Tampere allowed me to learn all I ever wanted, and just as well allowed me to apply my skills in various international projects. So far I’ve managed to contribute to projects ranging from music production to engineering, but my most recent input lies in recruitment and event coordination.

I believe that people deserve to experience good design, and this is what I aim to achieve with my projects. Minimalistic approach allows me to get rid of unnecessary features in design, making end result clear and easy to grasp. In order to keep up the good work, I’m trying to move myself to the right direction and remind myself that I wish to obtain a stronger Scandinavian look with my works. This always keeps me inspired and on track.

In addition, I have a particular interest in Fine Arts and Animation, but these skills are yet to be developed further.

Please, feel free to say hello anytime: hello@kozina.me